Testimonials from our patients at Kimia Wellness

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Omeed H.

I had terrible heartburn and indigestion for many years. I was dealing with these uncomfortable and painful symptoms on an almost daily basis. I was not fond of over the counter medication. I would simply try to avoid the foods that were more acidic, although I enjoyed them very much, and I tried some natural solutions. That helped but not significantly. Roy suggested I try acupuncture. I had never had acupuncture done, but I had heard it could be very helpful. I met with Roy and after only 2 sessions my heartburn and indigestion were completely gone. It was really amazing. I even tested my digestive system with foods that would immediately cause my symptoms to activate, and there was no sign of them. Roy has really helped me a lot and I am very grateful to him.

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Benson Z.

Roy Kimia is one of the best acupuncturists in Los Angeles. First off, I have never gone to another practitioner of TCM who started the session with a prayer and truly is dedicated to being a channel for divine healing. I went to see Roy with sleep issues and through acupuncture and herbs, I was able to restore my internal organ imbalances and get excellent restful sleep. Later I returned with some stomach issues and with a plan of some consistent sessions, herbs and diet suggestions, I regained balance in my stomach and my digestion improved dramatically. My energy levels increased and I have continued to feel healthy and energized ever since. He is thorough, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, funny and a truly gifted healer. I highly recommend him.

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Steve G.

I just left Kimia Wellness and couldn't be more thrilled. From the moment you walk in, you are surrounded by a caring and patient staff with the most amazing energy. Roy Kimia is an amazing acupuncturist and truly wants to fix not only your physical ailments but your balance, wellbeing and psychological mindset. The massage therapist opened up muscles that have restricted me for years. I plan on returning for psychical therapy as well. I am so happy and thankful I found an office that combines multiple practices to heal my body and mind. You now have a regular patient! Looking forward to my next visit.

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Debbie B.

I started working with Roy 10 months ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the mastectomy I started seeing Roy weekly, he was part of my healing team. We worked on anxiety issues, pain in my shoulder/neck and lower back area. Suffering from scoliosis most of my life, added to the stress on my body after surgery. It was important for me to keep my immunity up, it totally relieved pain in my shoulder and back areas. Roy is kind, very knowledgeable and spiritual. I always leave recharged, happy and peaceful.

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Shanna G.

I've been in to see Roy a few times now. The first was to stop a cold from taking hold, and it worked - I did Not get sick! The next time, I came in with a rash all over my upper body and an acute lower back injury. After just two sessions, my back returned to about 90%, and the rash disappeared in under a week. The last time I came in was to help get my voice back (yesterday). This is a HUGE deal to me, as I am incredibly musically inclined. Singing is my lifeline. Thanks to Roy, I am well on my way back to my full vocal range. Roy is gentle, kind, knowledgeable, and has a healer's touch. Highly recommended!

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Prem D.

Roy is an incredible practitioner! I was deeply impressed by his wealth of knowledge of the body and his thoroughness in my treatment. It's rare to find health care providers who are willing to take the time to listen to what's really going on with you and bring compassion and true caring to their medical treatment. Most importantly though, I was amazed by the results! I had been having skin and liver issues and after just one session my skin was much clearer and my energy level was so much higher! I would recommend him to anyone!

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Allie L.

I would highly recommend Roy and Kimia Wellness for your health and TCM needs. After consistently going to Roy for acupuncture and cupping, I have noticed increased energy, reduced fatigue symptoms, greater mental clarity, and all around better health and vitality. He is very professional, accommodating and timely in his work. I also like their friendly staff. I recommend Kimia Wellness to everyone I know and wouldn't go anywhere else!

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Hillary O.

I used to be skeptical about eastern medicine until I tried acupuncture with Roy. I realized how so much of our body is connected and can be fixed without an "easy fix" like western medicine pills. Roy gives outstanding service by trying to understand your body and how to really treat it and prevent further issues. I see significant differences and I've only been doing it for a month. You may also feel a sense of euphoria after the acupuncture. It is awesome! Roy is the best!

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Patricia H.

Roy Kimia treated me in weekly acupuncture appointments to heal a very resistant condition. My foot had a healed fracture, that needed to regain flexibility and mobility for normal motion. When I first saw Roy, six weeks following removal of a therapeutic boot, my ankle was extremely swollen and wooden, and my foot was stiff, inflexible and sore, making natural movement very difficult. Gradually, with Roy’s treatments, the ankle swelling and stiffness decreased incrementally and noticeably. Likewise, the foot itself is now virtually pain-free and flexible! The original sports doctor who treated the fracture was extremely impressed at the improved condition of both ankle and foot after just two months of Roy’s treatments, since it can take a year or more, even with physical therapy, for a foot and ankle injury to resolve completely. Roy’s treatments were instrumental in my regaining a literal, uncompromised foothold on life! Not only is Roy a careful, thoughtful and effective practitioner, he is genuinely upbeat and kind. He listens attentively, and responds with consideration. Altogether, an acupuncturist of intelligence, awareness, and skill.

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